Are your employees Engaged ?

Lodestar Guidance provides employers the tools to empower employees so that they work productively, develop professionally, and decide responsibly in a thriving culture.

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What is Lodestar Guidance?

A monthly character-based leadership development program based on 48 character principles that empower employees to live and lead effectively.

lode•star  ˈlōdˌstär/ noun: 1. star that leads or guides 2. one that serves as an inspiration, model, or guide

How does Lodestar Engage your Employees?

Through exploration of leadership and character, using:

What You Get

Online Content
  • Video lessons
  • Principle stories
  • Guided reflections
  • Self-assessments
  • Online access for all employees
  • Assessment tracking
  • Create subgroups & assign facilitators
  • Company update template PowerPoint
  • Employee recognition cards

Print Materials
  • Principle bulletins with faith inserts
  • Teaching guides for group discussions

How It Works.

Lodestar is for everyone, from CEOs to small groups and families. See how you can use Lodestar at work, at home, and beyond.
Executive/ Manager/ Group Leader

Play the video to introduce the principle and use the teaching guide and bulletin to conduct company-wide meetings (Lodestar General Assemblies) and small group discussions (Character Connections).


Watch the video, read the bulletin, complete the self-asssessment, and discuss with peers.

Small Group

As a group, watch the video, read the bulletin, and complete the self-assessment. Ask questions and discuss the principle.


Employees can share the Lodestar principles with their families by accessing the online content at home.

Visit the Pricing page to learn about subscriptions for Businesses and Families.

Free Resources

Use our free resources to help you cultivate character-based leadership at your organization

Who Can Use Lodestar?
How to Lead a Small Group

Lodestar Legacy: Paul Weaver

Read about Paul's leadership journey in his book, Business with a Higher Purpose.
  Read Bio Watch Overview "Twenty-five years ago, we implemented a character-based program at Weaver Leather, and throughout this time, I have seen incredible transformations in the people, the leadership, and the culture of my company. Driven by my passion for helping other leaders see the same growth in their organizations, I founded Lodestar Guidance."
Paul Weaver